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Activities & Services

It is the goal of DAUGHTERS OF ZION to affect these statics by intervening with support groups that will mentor, encourage, and thus empower these single parents to succeed by helping them:

  • Finish school or get a GED or beyond

  • Acquire job training and computer skills in line with today’s job market

  • Provide emotional help to develop positive self confidence enabling them to provide stable emotional health for their children 

Outreach and case management will enable us to identify and link isolated single parents and direct them to services including:


 Individual and Family Counseling          Health & Nutrition Counseling

 Parenting Classes                                  Child Care

 Financial Planning                                  Time Management

 Group Support                                        Skills Training


The activities and services provided through DAUGHTERS OF ZION will help reduce isolation, emotional distress, child abuse and lack of social interaction. This will also result in an increased appreciation for community service.

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