daughters of zion
daughters of zion

DOZ “Restoring God’s Queens” has given me a new opportunity to restore my life and family. My health took a turn for the worst in 2009 and not being able to walk or provide for my son, I became homeless. Soon thereafter I spiraled into a depressive state, feeling like a failure as a parent and person.

From January 2009, to December 2013 our reality was living from shelter to shelter, with no stability or security for my son. My world was very dark, I wanted to give up and isolate myself from people and life. At that low point, I cried out to Jesus Christ, knowing that no matter what He would always provide for me and my son.

I found a renewed faith, from some mental health groups, and going back to church. At the church I attended, I was introduced to Pastor Linda Wiggins who‘s spirit illuminated light and who’s presence gave you hope. In December 2013, my son and I were in our last shelter where we truly found hope, when Pastor Linda enters one night. I knew I was going to be alright, for at least now I had someone to talk to. She was very encouraging and I began to feel better about myself. I enrolled in school to study computers so having this knowledge may get a job for me.

DOZ has provided resources, mentoring, prayer that has enable me to meet people in the community who also encourage and support me. Most of all I have started taking care of me, my health, emotional stability where I’m learning to love me again. I am educating myself, so I can be a better parent to my son. I now can encourage another woman or mother that is homeless that there is hope. I am continuing to work with DOZ as that voice to say, “We are God’s queens.” I am so grateful for DOZ and Pastor Linda Wiggins for restoring life to those who are broken. Thank you.

Laurie Miles

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