daughters of zion
daughters of zion

About the Founder

MINISTER LINDA WIGGINS, who obtained her Bachelor’s in Theology and her Masters of Divinity from Kings University, Van Nuys, California, is also an Ordained Minister of Calvary Baptist Church of Pacoima. As an Associate Minister, she assists the Senior Pastor in many facets of pastoral ministry (worship leader, armor bearer, strategic planning, program development).


Minister Wiggins is known for uncompromisingly preaching and teaching the Word of God. She is an teacher, nurturer and as a counselor, holds the Living Word as the standard.


Ministor Wiggins focuses on nurturing persons to realize their full worth, and assists them in developing their full potential. Her motto is, “I'm Blessed to be a Blessing.”


Ministor Wiggins has one son who she fondly calls her “gentle giant,” and gives all praises to the Lord who helped her as single parent who once was  homeless herself, raise a fine young man.

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